Just got back from my best Comic Con ever! I was at the Allegory/BloodFire Studios booth doing sketches. Lots of fans were giving me crap for not uploading more strips so I wanted to let you guys know some neat announcements that came out at Comic Con.  Allegory has agreed to release a new Kindergoth mini series!  That’s right, all new Kindergoth comic books will be hitting stores next year. I have also been talking with a friend of mine about taking over art duties on the strips.  This will let me focus on my day job as Creative Director at Allegory and I still have many obligations to Lucasfilm projects (mostly Star Wars).  I’ll still be writing the strips but my buddy will be able to crank out more strips a week than I have time too.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by to support Kindergoth! You guys rock!

I may not be doing Dragon-Con this year after all.  I think I was lost in the shuffle since no one has contacted me back yet.  NYCC has invited me as a guest so I will be there despite the obvious low standards they have for guests.

Comic Con was amazing!  We debuted the new Speed Racer comic (of which I am also the cover artist on).  Tommy Yune, Robby Musso, and myself were doing free sketches for anyone that asked and people stood in line, some for as long as two hours just to get a sketch.  I had several requests for Kindergoth sketches but I think the highlight was when one fan actually asked if I would do a Speed Racer sketch cover in the Kindergoth style!  I really wished I had my good pens on me when I did this but I still think it came out pretty cool!

If you are interested in my work on Speed Racer, check out our Facebook page for all the news and art: http://www.facebook.com/SpeedRacerComic