I have been dying to do more Kindergoth strips.  However, life has had other plans.  Current status: I have about 70 strips written.  A couple are already drawn.  I also have 2 comic book mini series started.  For me to restart Kindergoth with regular updates, I need to be able to take a couple months off of my day job (which is doing drawings for everyone else).

I was debating doing a Kickstarter campaign to reboot Kindergoth with 2 strips a week.  If we exceed our goal enough, I’ll post even more strips a week. I’ve always dreamed of doing a daily strip but finances prevent me from being able to take time off to do that.  If I can raise about $15,000 I can take 4 months off to do 2 or more strips a week.  With any luck, Kindergoth will get back to its old traffic by the end of that period so I can keep going.

So, would you support a Kickstarter to reboot Kindergoth?  What types of premiums would you like to see as rewards?  Reply in the Comments section of this post below or through my art website: http://www.kohse.com/contact/

–  Signed Kickstarter Exclusive Kindergoth print.
– Kickstarter Exclusive Lapel Pins.
–  Kickstarter Exclusive version of the Kindergoth Vol 1 Trade Paperback.
–  Kickstarter Exclusive hardcover edition of Kindergoth Vol 1 with signed exclusive print.
–  Kickstarter Exclusive Vinyl Dolls.
– Premium, the original art from a Kindergoth Strip.
–  Super Premium, you will become a Kindergoth character and get the original art from your first appearance.
– Printing Plates from Kindergoth print.

Do you like those ideas?  What else do you think would be an awesome reward for donations?

Thanks to everyone that has been checking back and poking me at comic conventions about Kindergoth.
– Lee